We are looking for a motivational and qualified Back of House Manager to oversee our high-performance team (and support our General Manager,) at our current location in University City and upcoming location in Kirkwood, MO.

You will be a leader that in tandem with our General Manager humbly represents our brand and core values as we continue the momentum of success with our unique and successful Taco concept. This position requires a team builder who can grow and develop direct reports who prefer to work together to overcome obstacles instead of finger pointing and fault finding. While people; customers, Taco Buddha employees, vendors, and every human that graces us come first, accountability to the business and General Manager is a close second. Our culture is our pride and joy, and it not only inspires our employees who truly love working at Taco Buddha, but also reflects on to our customers who know that we truly care about their experience.


Taco Buddha is a concept influenced by great taco joints form Austin, Texas but has evolved with globally influenced flavors that tantalize our New-Mex-Tex roots. This combined with notable, outgoing and friendly fast-casual service has propelled us to our success and growth.


Taco Buddha values these intangible tangibles:


  • Friendly and caring customer service drives our machine. Everyday. All day.
  • Evolved tacos, both traditional and adventuresome can stand the test of time as long as there is love put into the preparation and served by people who love what they’re doing.


Taco Buddha’s Manager responsibilities include:


  • Representing and exemplifying Taco Buddha’s core values
  • Hiring the right people, training/coaching them properly and imploring them to strive for humble accountability
  • Well thought-out delegation to direct reports so they can deservedly grow upwards
  • High-performance operations that garners return customers through tantalizing, well executed food quality and customer service
  • Delegation to direct reports to attain results without micro-managing
  • Proper scheduling to cover shifts that are aligned with labor budgets
  • Support Kitchen manager with food cost control
  • Responsible for inventorying and ordering of non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverages and maintaining cost of goods targets
  • Complying to food safety requirements by state and local authorities and the ability to inspire direct reports to oversee that requirement
  • Supports the General Manager to ensure operations are as efficient as possible
  • Supports the General Manager to ensure facility and equipment maintenance is performed as needed
  • Ensure standardization and consistency in food preparation and presentation


Highly competitive pay, ground-floor growth, and advancement opportunity. Most of all, the opportunity to thrive with a successful and supportive team.


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