Back of house Team Members

Every taco’s journey starts here, and yours can, too.

Expo Expert

  • Everything goes through you. You oversee all orders that leave the kitchen with a close eye to detail to ensure accuracy, quality, and timeliness. It’s a little crazy and a lotta fun. It pays to be proactive so that you can stay on top of every situation.
  • Special perk: quality checks require tasting a lot of fire food. Come hungry to work and to eat.

Food Running Specialist

  • You are the customer-facing voice of the kitchen, ensuring that everyone receives their food the way they want it while providing excellent customer service. “Corner” will be your new favorite word.

Line Maestro

  • You’re the one cooking the tasty food we serve, ensuring high quality and consistency for every order.

Taco Aficionado

  • The artists of the kitchen. It’s pretty simple–you’ll be making the tacos. ‘Nuff said.

Preparation Pro

  • We would be nothing without having food prepped and ready to go. Prepping all of the ingredients keeps this taco machine running smoothly.

Sanitation Specialist

  • When the going gets tough, clean dishes are a luxury. You’ll make sure we always have the right equipment ready to go while maintaining cleanliness throughout the kitchen.

The kitchen is a hustling and bustling environment with many moving parts. If you’re interested in being part of this well-oiled taco machine, click below.

We like our employees to be cross-trained (work in both Front of House and Back of House). Check out our Front of House Team Member Job Descriptions.