Front of House Team Member

Customer-facing and customer-focused. Upholding Taco Buddha values as the friendly faces of our humble restaurant. 

Host Honcho: 

  • Greet customers with outgoing service, communicate effectively to explain wait system and hybrid ordering system, get the good vibes rolling from the jump.
  • Special Perk: you get to give lots of treats to lots of good dogs.

Patio Peacemaker:

  • The representative for all of our guests to ensure things are tasting right, issues get resolved, and everybody’s eating with peace.

Benevolent Bartender

  • You’ll find very quickly that our customers LOVE our margaritas. Slangin’ drinks is the name of the game in this position.
  • Special perk: you’ll get exclusive access to our top-secret 25 year old margarita recipe.

Counter Concierge

  • You get to guide our customers through our menu, make recommendations, and maybe, just maybe, make some new friends in the process. If you like talking to people and sharing your love of tacos, you’ll thrive here.

Pickup Precisionist

  • Our curbside pickup operation specialist. Talk to the cars (more specifically the people in the cars), get a name, grab their order, double check to make sure everything is in the bag, and deliver it to lots of happy people. Great way to get your steps in.

Sound like a good fit? Let’s get started!

We like our employees to be cross-trained (work in both Front of House and Back of House). Check out our Back of House Crew Member Job Descriptions